About Tech Horse Electronics

Tech Horse Electronics is all about supporting small to medium sized businesses throughout Canada.  While based in Atlantic Canada we are able to support businesses across Canada remotely. 

The landscape of Information Technology is constantly changing and improving.  Consistently we see businesses fall behind.  We get it. There are billions of hours put into developing the industry every single year.  Even the best technicians in the field struggle to keep up. 

While the industry grows in complexity so do the needs for security.  One wrong mouse click has damaged or even destroyed many companies.  This is why we take security so seriously.  At the forefront of every decision made security needs to be considered.  Of course making sure your companies data is secure means making sure your IT administrators are secure since they have the keys to your kingdom!  We take our own security very seriously so you can trust that your data is handled safely.

After security is considered we strive for functionality and cost effectiveness.  The $20,000 server that you are stretching the life of as long as possible can likely be replaced with a highly more functional and cost effective solution in the cloud.  But which solution is best for your company?  Which ones will keep your data secure?  Will it increase your employees ability to work efficiently or will it cause them to quit?  How will you perform the migration, and what are the risks involved?  These are the questions that we have answers to and seek to guide your company through the process and then provide support thereafter.

Some of our goals:

  • To be a leader in cybersecurity.

  • Ensure that your business' IT is managed securely while maintaining great functionality.

  • Finding the correct solution to meet every business' need.


About the Owner

Tech Horse Electronics is owned and operated by Stuart Alexander, an independent IT consultant and entrepreneur.  He received his diploma with honors in Systems Management and Cyber Security from Oulton College in 2020.

He is knowledgeable in many fields of Information Technology and specializes in Microsoft Cloud Administration.  To his clients he is known for always being professional while also being friendly.  He is a true work horse, hence the name Tech Horse Electronics.