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About Tech Horse Electronics

Tech Horse Electronics supports small to medium-sized businesses throughout Canada from their base in New Brunswick. They understand the rapidly evolving landscape of Information Technology can be challenging to keep up with, and security is a top priority. They take data security seriously, as even one wrong mouse click can be devastating.

Every organization is unique, which is why Tech Horse Electronics offers a white-glove and tailored solution for each client. They understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to Information Technology.

While many industries rely on established methods, the Information Technology industry requires constant innovation. Tech Horse Electronics is committed to choosing innovation over tradition and challenges the "We have always done it this way" ideology.

About the Founder

Tech Horse Electronics is owned and operated by Stuart Alexander, an independent IT consultant and entrepreneur with expertise in various fields of Information Technology. He specializes in cybersecurity in Microsoft environments and is known for being professional and friendly with his clients.

"For me, Information Technology is not just fascinating, it's a never-ending adventure of innovation and discovery."  

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