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Cyber Security Tools

As cybercriminals target personal and business data, robust cyber security systems are crucial to protect sensitive information. This requires a multi-layered approach that secures applications, networks, operating systems, and devices with encryption and separate user IDs and passwords. Administrators must be alerted to suspicious activity, and regular vulnerability scans and up-to-date cybersecurity developments are critical. At Tech Horse Electronics, we use advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to identify potential threats. Our partnerships enable us to provide solutions like penetration testing and 24/7 SIEM monitoring by a Security Operations Center. These measures ensure data and networks are secure and protected from cyber threats.


Enterprise grade Cyber Security

At Tech Horse Electronics, effective cyber security requires more than just the right tools. A well-trained team of IT professionals who can respond quickly to incidents is essential. A strong cyber security culture that emphasises security best practices and encourages responsibility is also crucial. We believe that a comprehensive approach to cyber security, tailored to each client's unique needs and risks, is key to maximum protection and peace of mind.


Cyber Security Guidance and Support

Tech Horse Electronics is a security consultancy offering fully managed services and support for companies with established IT departments. Our consultants provide expertise in identifying vulnerabilities, developing security strategies, and assisting with incident response and recovery. We offer end-to-end security management, including risk assessment, policy development, and ongoing monitoring. Our tailored support and expertise complement existing IT capabilities through project-based engagements or ongoing support and consultation. With a focus on partnership and collaboration, we help organisations of all sizes and industries maintain a strong and effective cyber security posture, protecting critical data and assets from cyber threats.

Maintaining Functionality

At Tech Horse Electronics, we prioritise maintaining functionality and productivity alongside effective cyber security measures. We design security solutions that balance security with usability and minimise disruption to daily activities. Our approach focuses on communication and collaboration with our clients, ensuring that they understand the impact of any security measures that are implemented. With Tech Horse Electronics, clients can have peace of mind that their security measures will not hinder their employees' ability to work efficiently and effectively.

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