Real-Debrid is an inexpensive option that we recommend to provide you with high quality streams.  As always we only endorse the use of this tool with streams in the public domain only!

Please use the following link to visit Real-Debrid's website.  You will then have to create an account with them and subscribe to one of their premium offers.

Real-Debrid Syncing Guides

Sync Real-Debrid with CinemaHD

1. Setup an account with RealDebrid and subscribe to a premium offer.

2. Navigate to Settings (Click the three bars in upper left hand corner then scroll down to the Settings option.

3. From Settings scroll down to the "Premium Account" section and choose "Log-In to Real-Debrid".

4. Follow the onscreen instructions to pair your device with Real-Debrid.  Once the instructions are followed the popup will then disappear.  CinemaHD should now be synced with Real-Debrid's servers and premium links will now appear!