This page is filled with the answers to the most common questions

Services FAQ

What kind of services do you provide?

Currently we provide general computer repairs, which includes most problems you can think of.  We highly recommend giving us a call and if it can't be fixed here we will do our best to get you in touch with people who can!

What about data recovery?

Data recovery is a complex topic.  Generally speaking if the drive where the data is stored can be accessed we can still recover your data for a reasonable cost. 

However drives that cannot be accessed (E.G. physically damaged hard-drives) will most likely need to be sent out to a professional lab.  Unfortunately this is a very expensive venture.

Do you offer service and repair for scanners and printers?

Yes we work with all types of scanners and printers.

I'm skeptical about my computer being remotely accessed for service, what kind of assurance is there that this is safe?

Remote services are safe assuming you trust the person doing the service, and that they are using a secure program to access your computer.  Currently we use for remote services which will allow you to watch everything we do. uses industry standard 256-bit AES encryption to tunnel the traffic through the internet. Currently AES encryption is unbreakable and even used in some departments of the US military!

Please visit for more information about the security offered through this service.

What about screen replacements?

We now replace laptop screens.  Please get in touch for a quote!

Is cellphone repair offered?

At this time this service is not offered.


Streaming Boxes FAQ

Are streaming boxes really that much better then other streaming devices such as a Roku?

This truly depends on the person.  While some people who sell Android Boxes claim they are the ultimate device the truth is Rokus are more easy to operate due to their simplicity.  However you don't have to be very tech-savvy to operate an Android box but you have to be willing to troubleshoot the occasional problem you are bound to run into if you choose to use the additional apps available.  Netflix, Disney+, YouTube and other streaming apps that are available through Rokus will work as flawlessly on Android Boxes as they do on Rokus.

Why don't I just buy one from Amazon or Ebay?

This is a completely valid option and we would encourage anyone to do so. The difference between those boxes and the ones we sell is that the ones we sell come with the latest apps you need for streaming preconfigured.

Are these boxes legal in Canada?

Yes. Although copyrighted material can be found through these boxes, we only sell them to access streams available in the public domain as well as streams available through approved resellers(E.G. Tubi or Netflix).

Is a VPN necessary for using these boxes?

While we recommend using a VPN since it encrypts your data and hence government organizations, your ISP, hackers, and other parties cannot access your data, it is not a necessity to use one.
For more information on VPNs please visit my About VPNs page by clicking here