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Microsoft 365 Management

Is your company making the most of your Microsoft 365 subscription?  Are you confident your data is secure in the cloud?  Microsoft 365 in many cases has the tools required to replace on-premise servers that are costly and not nearly as user friendly.  Tech Horse Electronics is a proud partner of Microsoft.  We manage and resell Microsoft 365.

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Microsoft Teams
  • Create secure file shares accessible from anywhere.

  • Collaborate effortlessly with co-workers.

  • Integrate a growing list of third party tools.

Some companies get so much use out of Teams that it is the only application that most of their employees will use!  Most well known tools have available integrations with Microsoft Teams.  Teams is a complete game changer and if your company isn't using it you're missing out!

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Microsoft Intune
  • Manage Company Devices Securely.

  • Integrate your choice of security solutions.

  • Have complete control over device applications

Microsoft Intune when managed properly is a major part of the framework for Zero Trust Networking.  The powerful tool is used to manage the compliance of devices with an organizations security needs.  It is also compatible with Bring-Your-Own-Device scenarios!

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Microsoft Defender
  • Enterprise-grade security.

  • Vulnerability management through EDR.

  • Risk Assessments.

Microsoft Defender is an incredibly powerful security tool.  From email security to EDR it will pick up and stop both signature based and zero-day malware.  Combined with Azure Active Directory for conditional access and Intune for Mobile Device Management, Microsoft Defender will stop devices from accessing company data if it detects a security threat.

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Azure Active Directory
  • A directory service for a dynamic workforce.

  • Manage employees with conditional access.

  • Replace traditional AD with this modern solution.

Azure Active Directory is Microsoft's cloud version of Active Directory.  A directory service is the backbone behind every Zero Trust Network.  While there are other players out there Azure AD synchronizes the easiest with Microsoft 365.

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  • Sync company devices to the cloud.

  • Sync Microsoft Teams to OneDrive for easy backups.

  • Recover device data in minutes instead of hours or days.

OneDrive is great for cloud storage.  When properly utilized OneDrive can work as a restoration agent bringing back device to the way they were in a matter of minutes.  While OneDrive still needs to be backed-up by a third party backup provider it does provide considerable data retention.

Is your business getting the most out of Microsoft 365?  If not we need to talk!  The security and productivity that it can bring to your company is astounding!  

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