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Secure Remote IT

For the modern dynamically located work-force


Security, Risk Mitigation, and Compliancy

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing.  The industry has tried creating impenetrable fortresses, but has reached the point that we have realized that this is impossible. We don't lie to our partners; there is no foolproof way to avoid cyber breaches, instead we work hard to prepare our clients for cybersecurity breaches.  Every business is different but we work with each individual business according to their needs to have them at a suitable level of security.  The security model we use for every business is based off the assumption that breach has already occurred.  Most security conscious companies have or are migrating to Zero Trust Networking, without meeting you, it is still our advisement to follow suit!

We don't require our partners to be at a satisfactory level of compliancy when we begin, but we do require them to work with us to reach a reasonable level of security.

The Cloud is the future of IT for many businesses including our own.  Traditional on-premise solutions are expensive and don't meet the needs of today's dynamically located work-force.  However, just because on-premise servers are on their way out does not mean there is no need for IT.  SaaS needs to be properly configured and devices need to be managed as well as secured.


Cloud Management


Systems Administration

If a company uses technology than they need system administrations.  The days of getting a break/fix company to fix it when it breaks are over.  Cybersecurity and maintenance need proactive IT which is what we provide to our partners.  Our prices are reflective of the SMB market and competitive.  Thinking having a system administrator is too expensive or unneeded? Contact us so we can change your mind.

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