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Major changes are coming to Tech Horse Electronics. While I started Tech Horse Electronics as a computer repair shop over time I've noticed that many small to medium sized businesses are struggling to adapt to the ever changing landscape of Information Technology but are nevertheless more and more dependent on IT. The main struggles I've pinpointed are: • While dependent on technology it is viewed negatively as a extra expense. This is often due to misconfigurations that slow us down instead of speeding us up. • Building off the last point companies are often stuck in legacy or patched together systems that may have worked for a time but are rapidly failing. • Migration to modern systems that remove the frustration and insecurity appear to be out of reach.

• Proper Cybersecurity appears out of reach or is deemed unnecessary. After witnessing the above again and again I've decided to restructure Tech Horse Electronics to assist Canadian businesses that are struggling with technology. The way this will look on a macro scale is: 1. Consulting: Determining where the business stands and what is the best resolution. 2. Migration: From previous systems to new systems. 3. Support: For the new system. The current landscape of Information Technology for small to medium businesses is moving towards subscription based models within the cloud. While there are still specific use cases for on-premise/hybrid models, the model for most small to medium companies I will be recommending is decentralized zero-trust networks. These networks when deployed properly are secure, cost efficient, and have a lot less headache involved. I realize that this paragraph contains some technical jargon so I will simplify: The model I will be focusing on for your business network will enable you to work from anywhere both efficiently and securely at anytime while also being affordable. A couple of final notes: • Tech Horse Electronics does not hold proprietary information concerning technical setups. In other words we share documentation on proper configurations with our clients rather than keeping it a secret! • Tech Horse Electronics will still be accepting customers for computer repairs.

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