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The Cyber Pandemic behind the Pandemic

Updated: Feb 17

Technology has always moved fast, but the transition to cloud computing in the last 5 years may be the quickest change the industry has seen yet. In 2017 it was projected that the Healthcare Cloud Computing Market would reach $25.7 billion by 2024. By 2021 the market had reached $32.4 billion.

• This jump to cloud services was hurried, the pandemic left businesses scrambling to adapt to the unique environment.

• Fast-acting developers have capitalized on the change.

• Cyber criminals have capitalized on the changes as well.

The Invisible Pandemic

Security for many practices, if not most is still being treated with an outdated methodology that does not suit hybrid and fully cloud environments.

There is a cure for this ailment, but it will be at least a decade before the cure is commonplace. For the cure to spread it will take businesses to provision exemplary action.

The cure in theory

The basis of the cure lies in accepting responsibility for your company's cyber security.

Once decision-makers accept responsibility for cyber security, we can begin the practical process. This cannot be outsourced as every business is as unique as a living organism, to apply the remedy we need communication with someone who understands your needs intimately.

The cure in practicality

The points underneath the processes are by no means exclusive, but rather examples of how they require engagement.

1. Enable MFA

• What is the proper balance between this security and its effects on functionality?

2. Apply Least Privilege

• Which employees need access to what in your organization to function?

3. Keep versioning up to date

• Which applications are necessary for business and which should be removed?

4. Utilize anti-malware

• Modern anti-malware tools can take systems offline if they believe they have been infected. Again, security and functionality need to be balanced.

5. Protect Data

• Where is your data stored and who has access to it? Which files should be classified as sensitive?

Where to start

Much like cleaning up a house the most important thing is that you start. However, it would make sense to not start with the clothes at the bottom of the pile.

• 62% of System Intrusions involve compromised partners.

Who are your partners? How are they handling their security?

• 82% of breaches involved employees.

Are your employees engaged in security awareness training?

How do you ensure your employees won’t walk out of the office with all your data on a thumb drive?

• Near all companies will eventually experience a security breach.

What procedures do you have in place for such an event? Are you implementing Zero Trust Security in your environment?

Final Words

Given the option of choosing between bettering cybersecurity or new life-saving equipment, most in healthcare will choose the latter. At what point is cyber security more beneficial to your patients than lifesaving equipment?

Our mission at Tech Horse Electronics is to make Canada a global leader in cyber security. We are beginning with healthcare because healthcare in Canada has the most concerning issues to be addressed on the cyber security front.

As Paul Emile Cloutier, CEO of HealthCareCAN, reiterates, “Cybersecurity represents the hidden pandemic beneath the pandemic we are already facing.”

If you choose to work with us, it does not matter where you are in your cyber security journey, we can help and I welcome you to reach out!


Stuart Alexander

Chief Executive Officer

Tech Horse Electronics

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