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Step One: Consulting
Step Two: Migration
Step Three: Support

It would be silly for us to list every single service that we have to offer as it is a very large array of services.  Tech Horse Electronics works for small to medium sized enterprises to increase their cybersecurity, help them grow, and become more productive.

  We have a strong focus on utilizing Cloud based products to achieve this.  While we support on-premise and hybrid environments we typically work to get businesses into the Cloud fully or at least Hybridization.  

What does Consultation look like?

Every company has room to improve, and every company has conditional needs.  It's no secret that technology is now used in every industry and we are increasingly reliant on it.

The goal of our consulting is to give solid advice on how a company can increase their productivity, security, and cost efficiency.  We will sit down and talk with key employees to get a good idea of what your networks current condition is.  We then take our findings and begin phase 2 which is researching the best solution for your company.

Upon completion of research you will receive a written report detailing our recommendations which we will discuss either virtually or in person.

Consultation is often the first step in partnering with Tech Horse Electronics


What about Migrations?

Migrations are typically performed after the initial consultation when it is decided by all parties that part or all of the network would benefit from changing to a new system.  Migrations are rarely easy as no matter how much is planned ahead there is always unexpected occurrences.  This is why we make sure that you are aware of any risk involved as well as the expected adaption period upon completion.  But rest assured we are with you every step of the way!


Typically we offer two types of partnerships. 

First is co-managed:  Perhaps you already have a IT departme
nt that is doing a good job at managing systems.  In this case we can manage enhanced security for your environment. 

Second is fully managed:  We take care of the entire network on behalf of the partner.



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