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Zero Trust for Small Businesses

Zero Trust Network security is a security framework that has been successfully deployed in thousands of businesses worldwide.  While growing in popularity it has also seen it's fair share of negative reputation for its perceived complexity. 

As we navigate this topic it is important to understand that Zero Trust models are the future of IT security for most businesses.  While there are use cases for traditional security models, failure to adapt to Zero Trust models will be increasingly dangerous.  

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Achieve enterprise grade security. 

At least 40%* of security breaches target small businesses. 

The complexity of Zero Trust scales with the size of a company.  Hence smaller companies with less complex needs can achieve similar levels of security as large enterprises.



Show your clients that what is entrusted to you is kept safe.

Cybersecurity can no longer be ignored as data breaches are continually being talked about.  Wise customers will want to know what steps you have taken to protect them



Stop security breaches from spreading.

One of the principles of all Zero Trust models is to assume the company has already been breached.  If a threat actor has already gained access to a workstation we need to limit the amount of damage that can take place.


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